“we absolutely loved learning baby massage with Ally. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly instructor, techniques clearly demonstrated and explained  -she really couldn’t have done any better, would highly recommend to other mums”  Emma & Robert

“We loved our massage sessions with Ally, the classes were relaxing, good company and we were able to share experiences. I had previously done baby massage with my first born but didn’t think I would be able to do it with the twins, however Ally made it possible! The entire experience was enjoyable and very relaxing. it’s now a skill I can do daily at home with my girls. Thank you Ally x ” Carla, Louise & Lauren

” Alfie and I have really enjoyed the massage course with Ally. Ally’s classes are homely, friendly and in a relaxed environment. I felt so at ease, even when Alfie was upset or hungry, Ally encouraged me to attend to Alfie but still taught me the moves that I needed to know. I learnt to manage Alfie’s stress’ when he was constipated and uncomfortable through the colic massage routine we learnt. I would recommend these classes to every parent- they are truly special! Thank you Ally x ” Hailey & Alfie

“Just finished a course with Ally and absolutely loved it!! Ally made us all feel very welcome and the babies also. The session started with a bit of an icebreaker to get the group talking (and also vent if we needed to!) and the massage session was so relaxing for the both of us. Her instructions were very clear and the whole atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I loved getting to know my baby through touch and discovering another activity to do together (other than the standard sensory play) – especially useful now we are entering the shorter days! My daughter felt so relaxed after and slept really well!… and certainly helped her in the toilet department also and to relieve gas! A fab class on all levels… and there’s even cake as well! ” Fleur & Summer

“Our baby was suffering with excessive gas and colic which was making him very unsettled and a friend recommended Ally to us.

Right from her first contact we could tell she was very professional and friendly. She came to our house very soon after making contact to teach us massage techniques and different ways to hold him to help settle his belly.

Two weeks later he does still have excess gas occasionally but nowhere near as bad as it was. He is a much happier baby and we now have techniques we can use to help when he is struggling.

We would definitely recommend Ally and are very pleased we contacted her” Melanie & Zachary